Soups, smoothies and juicing for weight loss

As part of a nutritious and varied diet you can’t beat soups, smoothies and juicing.
The amazing amount of vitamins and minerals you can cram into a glass of juice is incredible. It’s like having a concentrated dose of all that is good for you in one delicious hit.

Using ingredients from the Atkins diet food list as the basis of your recipes, there are hundreds of ways you can include a juice, smoothie, or soup into you Atkins diet menu. You can even prepare them in large batches and freeze them to have at a later date.


Most people only think of fruit juices when someone mentions juicing, but you don’t just have to have citrus based fruit juices, there are some really great tasting vegetable juices you can try out as well.

Most vegetables will juice well, and you can add fresh herbs and spices to make some really interesting flavor combinations – we’ve put together some recipe ideas for you at the end of this article. Try to steer clear of juice recipes that call for beet vegetables – these are high in sugars which is something an Atkins diet follower should try to limit.


Making homemade soups for weight loss

I love soups, they are filling, economical to make and very portable. An insulated cup will keep your soup hot so you can eat it as a mid-morning snack – even while you are still sitting at your desk if you want to. It is the ultimate in convenience diet food.

Soups and broths are so cheap to make – you can even blend any leftovers from your main meal into a soup! When made in bulk it can be frozen into single portions and used as and when required. It’s great as a winter warmer on a cold day, or served as an appetizer when entertaining guests.

Have you ever heard of chicken soup being called the “Jewish penicillin”? Apparently it can cure anything! So if you aren’t feeling too great then treat yourself to an Atkins style chicken soup – you never know, it might just work!


Smoothies and shakes for weight loss

It’s easier than you think to make a shake or smoothie while following the Atkins diet food list.

High protein dairy substitutes like soya milk can be used as low carb alternatives to cow’s milk. Which means you can still have a lovely creamy shake but without any of those diet breaking carbohydrates.

Fruit smoothies can be made with a mix of water and juice – so they are not too high in fruit sugars, but are still full-on in flavor. Try adding a spoonful of yogurt for a creamy drink with a touch of sharpness.

And, you can always make your shake or smoothie into a tall drink by pouring it over ice.


The equipment you will need for juicing and blending

The simplest way to prepare your juices is to use a juicer. And, I’m sorry but the best juicers can be expensive – however it is worth spending as much as you can afford, if you use your juicer daily you’ll soon begin to appreciate having a model with the extra features.

But it’s not absolutely necessary, as a student I managed well enough with just a hand blender and plenty of will power! I found as long as I added enough liquid a hand blender was able to deal with most soft fruits, OK the juices were quite thick, but they were tasty none-the-less.

A liquidizer (smoothie maker) will also juice and blend smoothies, and they can generally cope with soft pre-cooked vegetables if you are preparing a soup. You will have to peel all of your fruit and veg first as it will not be powerful enough to deal with the tougher skins – whereas many juicers are able to separate the peel and pulp from fruits and vegetables as well as being able to extract juice from raw vegetables.

Most juicers will be able to cope with softer vegetables such as spinach, or tomatoes but if you want to juice carrots or hard vegetables then you will need to buy a more expensive machine. These do tend to be more efficient than the cheaper models and will extract up to 30% more juice from your fruit or vegetables so if you are serious about juicing for weight loss then they are worth considering.


Things to look out for in a juicer when you are juicing for weight loss

If, like me, you work full-time and also find yourself preparing the majority of the family meals as well, then I would recommend first and foremost buying a juicer that is easy to clean!

Juicing can get a bit messy with all the pulp and peel to dispose of. The more parts that can be put into the dishwasher the better – if it’s a pain in the rear to clean you’ll end up not using it and instead will just store it away in your cupboard along with all the other gadgets that seemed like a good idea at the time.

Choose a high powered juicer with a larger motor that operates at low speed. This is so that when juicing, the juice is extracted more efficiently – the more time a fruit or vegetable spends being processed the more nutrients it will lose.
Also, less oxygen will be introduced – this is important because oxidation will start to reduce the quality of the nutrients straight away. Single gear juicers will create less foam and therefore introduce less oxygen.


A few tips to make things easier when juicing for weight loss:

Cut your fruit or veg into smaller pieces prior to juicing.

Always (without fail) rinse and wash any parts of the juicer that can not go into the dishwasher as soon as you have finished juicing – dried on pulp is a nightmare to clean off an appliance.

Prepare your fruit or veg the night before and store it in the refrigerator so it’s ready to be used first thing in the morning.

Freeze any extra so as not to waste anything – when you come to use it you can leave it to defrost in the refrigerator over night and drink it ice cold in the morning.


Some recipe ideas

A twist on fruit juices
Take the juice from one apple and mix with carbonated water for a fizzy apple juice.
Add a dash of fresh squeezed lime to carbonated water for a zesty citrus drink.
Serve fruit teas ice cold for a refreshing summer drink.
Juice or blend some watermelon and serve with a sprig of mint.

Vegetable juices
Juice together carrot, ginger and lemongrass for a really zingy vegetable juice.
Juice some tomatoes and add a dash of Worcestershire Sauce for a Virgin Mary cocktail.
Juice together watercress, cucumber and lettuce for a highly nutritious low carb breakfast juice.
Juice together spinach and apple for a heart healthy drink.


Recipe ideas for soups

Spicy beef and tomato soup
Blend together some cooked beef (steak is best) with some tinned tomatoes. Add a dash of Tabasco, or chilli sauce if you prefer, to give your soup a spicy kick. Thin with water until you reach the required texture, and heat until cooked through. Season to taste.

Creamy salmon and dill soup
Blend together some cooked salmon fillets, (being careful to remove any bones), with a teaspoon of fresh dill and some fish stock. Thin with water until you reach the required texture, heat until cooked through. Season to taste and stir in spoonful of cream to each bowl just before serving.

Chicken soup
Thoroughly cook all of your ingredients first. Blend together some chicken pieces, onion, carrot, celery, chicken stock, some single cream and pinch of mixed herbs. Heat through until cooked, season to taste, and serve with love!


Recipes ideas for smoothies and shakes

Fresh berry shake
Blend together a handful of strawberries with some soya milk. Add sugar substitute to sweeten and serve poured over ice. You can substitute the strawberries with any other soft fruit as desired, (e.g. raspberries, blueberries, peach or apricot).


Juicing for weight loss the Atkins way

If you have a copy of the ‘New Atkins New You’ book you will find that it contains some really useful information on juicing for weight loss.

Some dieters may find it easier not to have any juices, shakes and soups at all during the Induction Phase of the Atkins diet. But for those in the Ongoing Weight Loss Phase and beyond (Phases 2-4), by using the Atkins diet food menu and carefully counting your net carb intake you will find that juicing adds an extra dimension to your Atkins diet plan.

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