A look at the great range of Atkins Products that will make your life a whole lot easier

If you’ve taken a look at the Atkins shakes page or the Atkins bars page then you will already know about some of the great products available to buy which will help you on your weight loss journey.

Atkins products are designed to make your diet easier to manage. From handy bars that you can just grab and go, to beautiful cookery books for when you are need of a little bit of inspiration.

Losing weight can be a challenge, so anything that can help you along the way is a bonus! There are store cupboard ingredients you can use to make delicious meals which all the family will eat (without complaint!), and books full of help and encouragement to guide you every step of the way.

Depending on which site you visit, (US or UK), the products range will vary slightly. This list looks at what both sites have to offer.


Day Break Bars from the Atkins products range

The bars in this range have been designed to be eaten at breakfast – but its not compulsory, you can eat them at anytime of the day! They are specially made from high fiber and whole grain ingredients, which have been expertly combined to give you a great boost at the start of the day. They are great for when you are in hurry, or perhaps you have to stay over somewhere for the night. Have one of these in your bag ready to start the day off right on track. The long list of flavors include:

Apple crisp bar

Blueberry almond baked square

Cappuccino nut bar

Cranberry almond bar

Cherry pecan bar

Chocolate chip crisp bar

Chocolate hazelnut bar

Chocolate oatmeal fiber bar

Cinnamon bun bar

Cranberry almond bar

Oatmeal cinnamon baked square

Peanut butter fudge crisp bar

Strawberry crisp

Vanilla fruit and nut bar


We’ve gone into more detail about the Atkins Day Break bars here: Atkins bars.


More from the Day Break products range

If a breakfast bar doesn’t appeal to you, there is always the Atkins Day Break Crunchy Muesli to get your teeth into. Suitable for phases 2, 3 and 4, at times it could feel like a welcome alternative to that old Atkins staple – eggs!


Advantage bars

There are 22 different flavors and types of bar to choose from in the Advantage “family”. So if you want to satisfy a sweet craving, or need a snack between meals there is plenty of choice. They are:

Caramel chocolate nut roll

Caramel chocolate peanut nougat bar

Caramel double chocolate crunch bar

Caramel fudge brownie bar

Cashew trail mix bar

Chocolate brownie bar

Chocolate chip cookie dough bar

Chocolate chip granola bar

Chocolate decadence bar

Chocolate hazelnut crunch bar

Chocolate peanut butter bar

Chocolate peanut caramel bar

Coconut almond delight bar

Cookies n creme bar

Dark chocolate crunch bar

Dark chocolate decadence bar

Dark chocolate almond coconut crunch bar

Mudslide bar

Orange and chocolate bar

Peanut butter bar

Peanut fudge granola bar

Sweet and salty almond crunch bar

We have gone into more detail about the Atkins Advantage bars on this page here .


Endulge Bars

The Endulge bars are all about luxury and decadence – they are for moments when only the sweet taste of chocolate will do! The are available in the following flavors:

Caramel nut chew bar

Caramel peanut bar

Chocolate caramel mousse bar

Chocolate coconut bar

Milk chocolate crisp bar

Peanut caramel cluster bar


There is more detail about the Endulge bars on this page here: Atkins bars.


Cookies and sweet treats from the Atkins Endulge range of Atkins products

Hand these round at the end of a dinner party, or over a coffee and a chat with your friends. No one will be able to tell they are eating “diet” food!

Chewy peanut butter cookie

Chocolate crème sandwich cookies

Double chocolate chunk cookie

Nutty fudge brownie

Peanut butter cups


Atkins shakes and drinks

Day Break ready to drink shakes give you a nutritious boost at the start of the day and leave you ready to tackle almost anything. There are three flavors:

Wild berry shake

Strawberry banana shake

Creamy chocolate shake



Advantage Ready To Drinks from the Atkins products range

For during the day, when you need a bit of pick-up, these ready to drink shakes are delicious.

Cafe caramel shake

Dark chocolate royale shake/Cafe royale shake

Milk chocolate delight shake/Milk chocolate shake

Mocha latte shake

Strawberry shake

Vanilla shake


Advantage Shake Mix Powders

As cheaper alternative to the ready made shakes, there are the Atkins shake powders – you just add water. Measure out and make up your own Atkins shakes whenever you feel like one. They come in the following flavors:



And how about buying a useful Atkins 400ml (20 oz) Shaker bottle? Then you won’t have to search for the measuring jug every time you want to make an Atkins shake.

There is more detail about all of the Atkins shakes on this page here.


Atkins store cupboard essentials

Once you’ve completed the Atkins diet induction phase, you can start to introduce more carbs into your daily diet menu. These products have been designed to be low in carbohydrate, so they are great to use as substitutes for your high carb favorites!

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Atkins Advantage whole Grain Bread Mix

This bread mix for home baking has only 5.8g of net carbs per serving – so it’s easy to work it into your Atkins diet food list. Use for sandwiches, or even as breadcrumbs to cook with.


Advantage Wheat and Rye Crackers

These high fiber Scandinavian style crisp breads can be eaten in all four phases of the Atkins diet plan. You can top them with ham or cheese, or if you are feeling creative they can be used in a myriad of ways in your home cooking. Crushed they make a great crispy topping on stews and casseroles, or they can even be used to make a base for a low carb cheesecake. They are extremely versatile, and filling!


Atkins Cuisine All Purpose Baking Mix from the Atkins products range.

Use this ready to use low carbohydrate mixture to bake homemade pancakes, breads, muffins and cookies. Suitable for phases 2, 3 and 4 of the Atkins diet plan.


Atkins Cuisine Penne

This brilliant product has half the carbs of ordinary pasta, so once you’ve reached phase 4 of the Atkins diet plan you can use this Atkins Cuisine penne as part of your life time maintenance program.


Special Starter Pack

If you need a bit of extra help during the Atkins induction phase, then in the UK, Boots stores offer a fantastic Atkins Phase One Starter Pack. It includes everything you need to get started on your weight loss program. It includes:

A quick start guide with a 14 day meal plan

– The Atkins comprehensive carb counter

– 7 Atkins bars

– Advantage wheat and rye crackers

– 1 ready to drink shake

– A 10 serving shake mix and shaker bottle



Where would we be without the vast range of Atkins books? These books can guide you during all four phases of the diet plan, helping you to understand the food list, and offering advice and encouragement if things seem to be going a bit awry. Here are just a handful of the many titles that promote the Atkins diet and are part of the Atkins products range of books.

Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution by Robert C. Atkins

This is the one book you have to have above all others. It is written by Dr Atkins himself and is the basis for the whole Atkins diet plan. It explains in great detail how the diet works, using case studies and scientific evidence to support the program. If you are serious about being on the Atkins diet then this book is essential reading. It is also available to buy in Kindle format, so now you have no excuse!

Atkins Made Easy the first two weeks by the Atkins Health and Medical Information Services

This book walks you through diet induction phase step-by-step. It explains the difference between good and bad fats so you can make an informed choice when selecting what to eat, and it also promotes exercise and healthy activity. One of its aims is to dispel the myths that surround the Atkins diet plan with a list of the top 100 most FAQ about the plan. For more information about some of the more common Atkins diet myths you can see our article on this page.

Dr Atkins New Carbohydrate Counter by Robert C. Atkins

In this book you will get a comprehensive list of the net carb count in over 1200 food listings. You can use this guide to plan your meals using the food list so you know exactly how many net carbs you are going to be eating in your meal – before you eat it!

Illustrated Atkins New Diet Cookbook by Robert C. Atkins

Subtitled: Over 200 mouthwatering recipes to help you follow the International number one weight-loss programme. This cookbook is full of low carb recipes and meal plans. It distinguishes between all four phases of the diet so you can see at a glance which recipes are suitable for your particular stage of the diet plan.

New Atkins New You by Dr Eric Westman, Dr Stephen Phinney and Dr Jeff Volek

For followers of a modified Atkins diet, this book takes the basics of the Atkins plan but allows you more food choices, more carbs, increased options for vegetarians and also encourages you to take more exercise in order to burn fat. It has been described as an updated Atkins for the 21st Century.


Final Words

With such a wide range of Atkins products available to the Atkins follower, there is no need to ever feel like you are on your own again. Help is at hand in the form of nutritious bars and shakes, or motivating books. High quality and reasonably priced, the Atkins products range compliments the Atkins diet food list perfectly and will help you achieve on your weight loss journey. Or so I think. You may want to check it out to see for yourself.


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